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Last week I started working with a young, hot-as-shit, tech start-up in downtown Vancouver called 3rd Whale. The mission? To find new and exciting ways to use technology to empower people to live greener lives while on the go.

First up, we’re rolling out an iPhone app that lets you search for different types of businesses, like restaurants or spas or ecotourism, and using the embedded LBS capabilities of the iPhone, you can find environmentally businesses near you.

Cause if you have a choice, wouldn’t you rather eat or shop somewhere that’s looking out for ol’ mother earth?

Yeah, I thought so.

So here’s the thing. Next Tuesday, January 20th, is Obama’s Inauguration. Obama’s pretty down with the whole green economy and we thought that we should throw a party to celebrate Bush-out, Obama-in and the release of our iPhone app.

So if you’re in the downtown Vancouver area next Tuesday, please, please stop. We’ve partnered with One Million Acts of Green and will be collecting pledges from everyone. We’ve also partnered with Habitat Enterprises to make the event carbon neutral. Cool, eh?!


What: Celebrate Obama’s Inauguration and the launch of 3rd Whale’s iPhone App (yet another plug)

When: Tuesday, January 20th, after work (exact time to be announced)

Where: Ceili’s

How do I find out more: Join the Facebook Event or follow us on Twitter


President O!

It’s impressive how quickly and decisively President-Elect Barack Obama is putting together his new cabinet and hitting the ground running. Even more impressive is how he’s filling his roster with former adversaries, most notably Hillary Clinton, something he’s taken from the pages of President Lincoln (the last notable Illinois President). After 8 years of watching the most powerful man in the world surround himself with like-minded individuals (the notable exception was Bush’s first Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was effectively excluded from the Bush Machine for having a contrarian view). Read the rest of this entry »


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