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Finally my own domain is up… so check out the blog, it’s over at


Last week I started working with a young, hot-as-shit, tech start-up in downtown Vancouver called 3rd Whale. The mission? To find new and exciting ways to use technology to empower people to live greener lives while on the go.

First up, we’re rolling out an iPhone app that lets you search for different types of businesses, like restaurants or spas or ecotourism, and using the embedded LBS capabilities of the iPhone, you can find environmentally businesses near you.

Cause if you have a choice, wouldn’t you rather eat or shop somewhere that’s looking out for ol’ mother earth?

Yeah, I thought so.

So here’s the thing. Next Tuesday, January 20th, is Obama’s Inauguration. Obama’s pretty down with the whole green economy and we thought that we should throw a party to celebrate Bush-out, Obama-in and the release of our iPhone app.

So if you’re in the downtown Vancouver area next Tuesday, please, please stop. We’ve partnered with One Million Acts of Green and will be collecting pledges from everyone. We’ve also partnered with Habitat Enterprises to make the event carbon neutral. Cool, eh?!


What: Celebrate Obama’s Inauguration and the launch of 3rd Whale’s iPhone App (yet another plug)

When: Tuesday, January 20th, after work (exact time to be announced)

Where: Ceili’s

How do I find out more: Join the Facebook Event or follow us on Twitter

Here it is, my first mix that I’m publishing for y’all… a little something to rock in the new year with…

Enjoy it, and if you like it, look for more great beats in the new year 🙂

Download Link: Sabu: Rockin\’ It \’08

Wow, another great album from Ryan Adams & The Cardinals is dropping October 28th. This man is a legend in his own time, having released 7 albums in 7 years (4 were solo and 3 were with his backing band, The Cardinals). Talk about a prolific songwriter… Read the rest of this entry »

It’s amazing what you can do with good, simple melodies and a soulful voice. Citizen Cope, aka Clarence Greenwood, breezed into Vancouver last night to rock a full house at the Commodore. And from his 3 opening acoustic numbers through the remainder of the set, that’s exactly what he did. Read the rest of this entry »

Almost half-way through listening to all the bands on day 1 of the Coachella bill and wanted to share a surprise discovery with you… Canada’s own Stars.

I find myself listening to them over and over again… if you haven’t already listened to them, now is a great time to start.

Anthemic Take Me To The Riot:

Recently broken up, still a bit bitter about it? Then Your Ex-Lover is Dead might just be the song for you:

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPod. But when iTunes decides one day to stop ‘seeing it’ and pushing me to reformat it, I lose my cool. I backed up the data on it manually but now it won’t reimport, so my 55GB collection is sitting on my hard drive in the stupid iTunes format and won’t go back on my device. So I’ve only got my most recent 10GB of music on there and i’ve lost all my playlists.

Really, really infuriating! Anyone know of any way I can recover my music back onto my device?

UPDATE 1: So after I posted about this problem, I discovered that iTunes will let you copy things back IF you click and drag the files VERY SLOWLY back to the iPod icon and HOLD IT there until it catches up and shows the files hovering over the iPod icon.  Then it MAY (if it feels like it) import the files… sometimes 😐

So I’ve slowly been importing my music until today when it decided to crash completely. Hard drive kept spinning, kept rebooting, it appeared… fried!  The lovely Apple customer support agent was very helpful and wanted me to ship it back to get repaired… for $39.95 in shipping and handling. But wait a moment madame, I’m still within the 1 year warranty period.  Oh no, no, silly, free shipping is only covered in the first 160 days of the warranty, then you gotta cover the costs… dumbass! Okay, she didn’t actually say that… but COME ON!

And I had such high  hopes for you Apple…


So now I’m trying to import using ephPod but I think  it’s crashing my iPod.  One day very soon I can see myself just saying “Fuck It” and starting from scratch 😐 Read the rest of this entry »

This is funny… Halt, Hammerzeit!!

Wow, what a scare… Earlier this week, amidst the launch of our new Facebook app, I accidentally got banned from Facebook. How do you get banned from Facebook, you ask? Well… I tried messaging the members of a Group that I created specifically for our application but the Message All link didn’t work. Doh! What to do?!? Since I really wanted to get our app into our tester’s hands I decided to start messaging them individually.

Bad idea. Read the rest of this entry »


Ah, July in Vancouver… it’s pissing outside, it’s cold, wet and miserable. A great week to fill up with concerts!

Going to see Dolores O’Riordan tonight at the Commodore. She’s the lead singer of the Cranberries and is promoting her first solo album. It’s a solid effort and I can’t wait to see her take the stage. Singers of her stature, ones that have played the biggest stages around the world, tend to be forceful and magnetic on stage and it’s great to see them in an intimate venue such as the Commodore. Check out her new video:

Tomorrow night is a work night. Ha! If you can call hanging out with Vancouver’s Hey Ocean and asking them questions ‘work’. They’ve got a fundraiser show at the Media Club and mediaWEST is promoting it. It’s been awhile since mW has gotten together so looking forward to a good night!! Check ‘em out on their myspace page, I highly recommend the entertaining micro-documentary halfway down the page:

Then luckily there’s a few days off until Friday night, Sharam Jey at Celebrities. That should be a fun, long night!! If you like good electro, come party at Celebs:

Enjoy the rainshine ;)


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