President O!

It’s impressive how quickly and decisively President-Elect Barack Obama is putting together his new cabinet and hitting the ground running. Even more impressive is how he’s filling his roster with former adversaries, most notably Hillary Clinton, something he’s taken from the pages of President Lincoln (the last notable Illinois President). After 8 years of watching the most powerful man in the world surround himself with like-minded individuals (the notable exception was Bush’s first Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was effectively excluded from the Bush Machine for having a contrarian view).

I’m so happy to see an intelligent leader take office who is open to conflicting opinions and is looking to tackle the issues head-on. I may not agree with all the decisions Obama will make over the next 4 years (in fact, I hope I don’t), but I have more faith a leadership that I can see is smarter and more hard-working than I am. During the election a guest on the Daily Show commented (it may have been Denis Leary, I don’t recall) that he wanted his President to be elitist, that he feels better when there’s someone elite, the best of the best, sitting in that Oval Office. I couldn’t agree more. Not everyone can be President, a thought that was cemented for most people when they considered President Palin.

And on that note, I wish President Obama godspeed and the best of luck for the coming months.

Canada Can’t Make Up Its Damn Mind

Canadas New Leaders?

Canada's New Leaders?

As if we haven’t had enough election stuff to drive us all insane, the Canadian government appears on the verge of falling. Harper’s minority Conservative government is facing a no-confidence vote and possible coalition government made up of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois. Ugh! Talk about two unappetizing choices: one, a right-wing minority government that won mostly because the Liberals don’t have a decent leader that can inspire confidence or a coalition of the left-wing NDP, the cojone-less Liberals and the Quebec-only Bloc.

At least the US had a clear cut choice and a clear winner and they can move on for the next 4 years with relative peace of mind that McCain isn’t going to try to come back and usurp the presidency.

And one more thing, who else feels that the Canadian electoral system needs to be reworked. Almost everyone I know voted in a district where the incumbent was almost guaranteed a victory, partly because of their past success and partly because the opposition parties did not run a quality candidate. I don’t know enough about electoral systems to speak intelligently about it, but I do know that we have right now does not reflect how I see our country voting.