Everybody wants
itai dake de

No, not really… but somehow mixing English and Japanese lyrics to Sheryl Crow-inspired pop-rock guitar riffs sounds really, really good… I’m sure the Japanese lyrics are about as clever and insightful as the English ones:

Don’t you feel blue?
Do you feel good?
Don’t you feel glad?
Do you feel mad?
Don’t you feel lost?
Do you feel sweet?

But really, who cares… I find myself cranking the tunes and mumbling along to the Japanese lyrics, just as I do to the English ones… and any band that can get me cranking their tunes in the Jeep on a sunny day definitely deserves a mention in here…

This is actually their third album and they’re hugely popular in Japan and Taiwan. I guess I’ll be digging into their back catalogue asap! Check them out, they’re pretty awesome!!