I’m in T.O. On pleasure. It’s hot and it’s muggy. I’m missing the coolness of Vancouver, but hey, while I’m hot and sticky I might as well go check out a show. And lo and behold, Hey Ocean! is playing at the Rivoli tonight. So I’m going to check them out tonight. What a way to kick off Eastbynortheast, which starts tomorrow (though HO! is not part of the music conference, just good timing).

Hey Ocean! has a new album out and a new drummer in Dan Klenner after Benny Schutze left the band to pursue an acting career. I’m listening to their new album (the entire album is available on myspace, go it out right now!) and it’s full of the kind of fun melodies that their first album was full of, though with a slightly more mature edge to it. Ashleigh’s voice soars on this record, alternating from soulful to jazzy, and is a great counterpoint to the rhythm and melodies.

I’m looking forward to the show tonight and their gig in Vancouver at Richards on July 11th. I’ll be interested to see how they handle the bigger stage.

Get their new album Stop Looking Like Music on iTunes now.